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Making Montana magnets and stickers in Missoula, MT

Tired of buying stickers that peel off within a week or magnets that are constantly falling off your fridge? Last Best Supply Co. sells high-quality Montana magnets and stickers that are made right here in Missoula, MT.

Unlike regular store-bought products, our wooden stickers have a protective coating that makes them super durable and prevents water damage. Likewise, our wooden magnets have ceramic backing and a strong magnet that can hold many papers on your fridge.

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What will you choose to personalize?

To create our personalized Montana stickers and magnets, we take designs, logos and custom images from local artists and clients. Once we have the design, our team will print or etch it on products in various custom shapes.

Use our:

  • Wood stickers with a UV protective coating to deck out your car or water bottle
  • Matte or glossy wooden magnets to add color to your refrigerator or locker
  • UV laminated vinyl stickers to personalize your laptop or skateboard
Order your one-of-a-kind Montana magnets or stickers today.